Monday, February 3, 2014

Cavite Loop_Motorcycle Riding

Date: January 25 - 26, 2014
Activity: Motorcycle Riding
Location: Cavite (Bonifacio Shrine, Marine Base, Kaybiang Tunnel)

Day 1: Jan 25
Route: Taguig - Bacoor - Kawit - Maragondon (Bonifacio Shrine) - Ternate (Marine Base)

   I am on graveyard shift for this month of January. So after office at 6am, went home, pack my things, gear-up then go even I feel a bit sleepy. Jump into my bike and head unto my planned destination for this week-end, the Southern most part of Cavite, Maragondon and Ternate.

   Past 2pm when I reached the foot of Mt. Nagpatong where Bonifacio Shrine is located and targeted as my first destination.

   I was bit lost on my way to the Shrine due to lots of trail marks in the area of the same size. In an effort to find my way, I was lucky to find this falls which they called "Layon Falls".

   After some pictures at the falls, I went back to my bike and continue looking for the right path going to the Shrine.

   After few direction asking from the locals, I found the Shrine seated at Mt. Nagpatong where history said Bonifacio brothers were executed on May 10, 1897 due to treason.

   Roamed around until I found the foot trail going uphill to the summit of Mt. Nagpatong. The site at  the summit has picturesque view seeing the nearby Municipalities of Cavite area including some parts of Metro Manila.

   Few more pictures from the top and I start descending and riding again heading to the next destination, "Marine Base Beach Resort" or others called it "Cavite de Boracay". Perfect timing to arrive at the area before the sun sets to have enough time to pitch my tent, pictures and enjoy the cold water.

   And then when the darkness has arrived, breeze of cold wind dropped down my body temperature. I had few bottles of low alcohol drink then hit the sack for a good night sleep.
-- End of Day 1 --

Day 2: January 26
Route: Ternate - Kaybiang Tunnel - Nasugbu - Tagaytay - Silang - Daang-Hari - Taguig

   Past 6am when I woke-up. Prepared myself, had a light breakfast, breakcamp, gear-up then get-back to saddle heading Nasugbu via Kaybiang Tunnel.

   This Kaybiang Tunnel is a government road project to connect the towns of Ternate and Nasugbu. Before completion of this tunnel, going to Nasugbu when you are in Ternante needs you to go round via Magallanes  and Tagaytay which will take around an hour or two before reaching Nasugbu. But now, it will only take you 30mins of drive from Ternate to Nasugbu after this tunnel was completed and Inaugurated last April 2013.
   This is my first time to pass through this tunnel. The last time I went here, they are still not allowing motorists to get through and the road is rough and muddy.

   Right just few meters after the Tunnel, you can already see the majestic view of Nasugbu Coast Line where different beach coves and resorts are seated.

  Until I reach the Nasugbu proper and I continue riding up to  Tagaytay. There I took my early lunch and Sunday church visit, then ride back home with a great smile.

   Nice place for a quickie week-end ride.
   Thank you for viewing and until next time.