Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baluti Island: Motorcycle Riding

Location: Baluti Island, Real, Quezon
Date: May 13, 2015
Route Taken: Taguig – Marilaque – Infanta – Real – Baluti Island – Famy – Pililla – Binangonan – Taguig

     Actually, the team’s initial plan is to hike Pico de Loro this day and have an overnight swimming at the nearby beach. But due to budget constraint, we cancelled it and I just planned this free day for a quickie ride. Upon my friends ReyM and Albert knowing it, they immediately advised me that they want to come since they have already made themselves free as well on this day.

     So here we go. Meet-up at Mc Donalds C-5, had our breakfast then start riding heading Marilaque via Marcos Highway. We pulled-over at Shell Marcos Highway to fill our tanks before hitting the twisty road of Marilaque.

     Then we continued riding, and after 2 hours of cornering left and right, we’ve reached the famous stop over and destination of the riders traveling and plying this area, the “Jariel’s Peak”.

     Had some pictures around the area, and on one of the picture below, it can clearly say that this place is a biker friendly place.
     Though it’s still too early for lunch, we’ve decided to have our early meal here so not to miss the restaurant’s best seller, the “Sizzling Giant Snail”.

     More or less 1 hour of stay and rest on this restaurant, then we continued riding again towards the east side of Quezon province where towns of Infanta and Real are situated.

     After another hour of twisty ride, we’ve reach this Infanta marker. Going left is to the town proper of Infanta and General Nakar. And to the right is going to Real and going back to Manila via Famy, Laguna. We choose the right side since our target destination is in Baluti Island which is located somewhere in Real proper.

     We went straight to Real port and looked for available boatman and boat for rent that can send us to the target island. But as per initial plan, I would like to incorporate some open water swim training in going to the island so we looked for a boatman that will agree to be my convoy and guide while I do swimming going to the island. And a kind boatman whom I forgot the name agreed to assist for a price of P400. Then we go, I did the swimming and my friends ReyM and Albert enjoyed their boat ride while became my instant photographer and crew.
photo courtesy of ReyM
photo courtesy of ReyM
photo courtesy of ReyM
photo courtesy of ReyM

     After 42mins, I’ve safely reached the shore of the island. Had a short rest, ate our packed lunch, and took some photos of Baluti Island and the town proper of Real at the opposite side. My friends made their selves wet as well and had some laps of swim parallel to the shoreline.

     Past 2PM when we leave the island then went back to the main land using the rented motor boat. Our boatman offered his house where we took our shower, fixed ourselves and prepared in going back to Manila.
     My last shot in the area from my camera before departing with Baluti Island in the background.

     We took the other route in going back to Manila to make a loop which is via Real – Famy road. We had another stopover in Famy to rest our sleepy eyes, fill our stomach again, and fill our gas tanks as well.

     Then continued riding again via Manila East Road and made a quick stop and picture at a giant fan in Pililla, Rizal.

     And it is a perfect timing as well to witness the sunset in Bugarin, also in Pililla.

     Just some few shots and we continued riding again through the darkness of Cardona and Binangonan, Rizal. We arrived home safe past 9PM I think.
   Another tiring quickie adventure but is also a memorable one as this is my first time to do an open water swim with the distance of 1.5kms.

That’s all for now guys. Thank you for viewing and until next time.