Monday, June 1, 2015

Cagbalete Island (with Pililla Windmill sidetrip): Motorcycle Riding

Day 1: Taguig to Tanay
Date: March 14, 2015
Route Taken: Taguig – Sampaloc Tanay – Pililla – Tanay

     This island was already on my bucket list years ago so I guess this summer is the perfect timing to cross this out.
     Coming from a graveyard shift, slept only for about 4 hours, prepared my things and depart at around 2PM. Prior to the ride, I have read from other blogs that the last trip going to Cagbalete Island is until 4PM only. So definitely I can’t make it to catch the 4PM boat ride today, so I just made a sidetrip to Pililla Windmill and planned to stay overnight somewhere in Tanay and leave early the next morning.

Pictures of Pililla Windmill:

     I exit in Pililla area just before the sun sets. Went back to Tanay to fill-up my gas tank and my empty stomach then looked for cheap hotel to stay overnight and planned to leave tomorrow morning at around 5AM.
== End of Day 1 ==

Day 2: Tanay to Cagbalete Island
Date: March 15, 2015
Route Taken: Tanay – Mauban – Cagbalete Island

   Five o’clock in the morning when I left Tanay heading Mauban. Dropby in Famy for my breakfast then continue riding after breakfast to catch the first boat ride to the island that usually depart from Mauban port at 10 in the morning.

Sampaloc to Mauban road:

     Almost 9 o’clock when I arrived in Mauban. Paid the registration fee at the Tourism office, looked for pay parking which is easy to find in the area. Then head up to the port area for boarding.

     We reach the island after 45minutes of boat ride. Upon approaching, you can already notice the white shoreline of the island and its clear water.

     From the wharf area, locals are very much willing to help and guide you on your way to your chosen resort. And I chose to stay in Villa Cleofas which is in the other side of the island so I need to trek around 1.5kms going to the resort.

     Unfortunately, no available ready to eat food in this resort so I went back to the wharf area to look for food then went back to the resort for a rest.
     Around 4PM when the heat of the sun was bit faded, I started walking and exploring the northern part of the island.

     Perfect timing on my way back as it is already low tide and the Bonsai Island is already accessible by walking.

     After Bonsai Island, the sun is already setting down. Time for me to look for food again and I got it again at the wharf area. Had my seafood dinner and a bottle of beer and I ended the day.

== End of Day 2 ==

Day 3: Cagbalete Island and back to Manila
Date: March 16, 2015
Route Taken: Cagbalete Island – Mauban – Taguig

     Stayed and relaxed in the island for half more day, then catch the last boat trip going back to the main land at 1PM.

More pictures at Mauban port.

    Few more pictures at the port area then went to the parking to prepare the bike and geared-up. Continue riding via the same route which is Mauban-Sampaloc road. I felt a bit a sleepy upon reaching the intersection of Sampaloc and Lucban so I took a shot of caffeine on the nearby store.

     Continue riding in going back to Manila via Manila East Road. Here are some pictures that I took along the way.

Pagsanjan Church:

Lumban Viewdeck:

Caliraya Hydro Power Plant:

Pililla Sunset:


That’s all for a great relaxing day-off. Thanks for viewing and until next time.

==End of Report==


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