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Gulugod Baboy plus Sombrero Island: Mountaineering

Day 1: February 17, 2015
Activity: Gulugod Baboy Hike | Mabini Loop Run
Location: Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
Highest Elevation: 525 MASL

     Without any formal meeting held, the team just worked this plan through text and private messages. I also owe something from the team for adjusting their schedule to my availability as I had difficulty securing vacation approval from work, that’s why this trip falls into a weekday trip.

      Through text and private messages, we agreed to meet at 3 in the morning of February 17. Without any assurance that everybody who shown interest can come, at 3 o’clock in the morning, faces are started to show one by one at the agreed meet-up point.

     We then rode a taxi from Taguig to Jam Liner bus station in Buendia, Pasay. We took our breakfast in Mc Donalds beside the bus station. After breakfast, mount at the bus that is going to Batangas City Grand Terminal, then a jeepney ride from Grand Terminal heading Anilao, Batangas. The public jeep’s route is until Anilao, Batangas only, but the driver is kind enough to offer a ride directly to Philpan Resort which is the famous drop-off point to Gulugod  Baboy for only P100 each.

The Hiking Part:
          We only planned for a day hike and spend our night at the Philpan resort, so we settle first our room so at least we already have our room ready for resting when we comeback. We also leave the unnecessary things in our room before going-up the mountain. After settling our room, bought pack lunch then at around 10AM, we started ascending going to the summit of Mt. Gulugod Baboy.

     There is approximately 300 meters ascend on a cemented path, then after that you need to turn left on this single path where trail ascend going to the first summit starts.

     Spider that was found along the trail while we slowly stepping up heading the first peak.

      There are 3 peaks on this mountain range. First peak is the famous Gulugod Baboy. Second peak is what they called Gitna. And the third peak, which is the summit, is famous to the locals as Pinagbanderahan.
     This tree is the famous landmark of the First peak or the Gulugod Baboy.

     From the first peak, you can already have a good sighting of the Maricaban straight with Sombrero Island in the far view. We’re so curious to identify where the Sumbrero Island is, as this is our next stop tomorrow morning.

     FNF Team’s jump shot at the second peak:

     After 2 hours, we reached the highest peak on this range which the locals called Pinagbanderahan peak. From the summit you can see the 360 degrees view of Batangas and the nearby provinces as far as Mindoro Island.

Running The Loop:    
     We initially planned to take our lunch at the summit that’s why we brought our pack lunch but we found out that there is no good place to rest at the summit after the famous tree at the first peak so we decided to delay our lunch until we can find a good place to stay.
     We aimed for a traverse from Philpan Resort to Brgy Laurel, then going back to our point of origin by running via Mabini National Road. However, there is no clear trail path from the summit going down to Brgy Laurel because it is uncommon for most of the mountaineers to do the traverse. Most of the mountaineers climbing Gulugod Baboy used to back track using the same path in going down. So to complete our goal, it required us a little bit of bushwhacking until we reached the main road of the next barangay.
      Past 12:30PM when we reach the main road. With the team’s high intensity, and our adrenaline are still pumping, the team decided not to take lunch yet and instead started running the entire loop of approximately 18 kilometers of rolling hills going back to Philpan Resort. We can feel the heat of the sun but untiringly keep moving because you can see surprising breathtaking views in every step and every turn you made.

     Around 3:30PM when we completed the loop. Rested for a while then took our late lunch which also serves as our early dinner. Cleaned ourselves, then unlimited stories regarding each own experiences of the day while we are outside the room feeling the cold sea breeze blowing to our body, while our hand can feel the ice cold beer which makes sharing of stories more interesting. Past 11PM when the irresistible sleepiness felt and that’s the time that we ended the day.

Day 2: February 18, 2015
Activity: Sombrero Island Beachineering
Location: Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

     Pre-arranged the previous day, we already agreed with the boatman that is also recommended by Philpan Resort to fetch us up at 10AM going to Sombrero Island. I woke up at around 7AM so I still have lots of time to roam around. Eight in the morning when everyone is already awake so we took our breakfast and prepare the foods and things that need to be brought to the island.

    Past 10AM when our boatman arrived then it follows by a 30 minutes of wet and bumpy boat ride to the island.

     We have 5 hours of free time to roam around the island, to swim, to take pictures…

     To enjoy the foods and drinks……..

     And still have spare time for snorkeling and enjoy the underwater beauty which is actually the main attraction of Anilao. The team is now thinking that if time and budget permits, we will go back to this place. But when that time comes, we will assure to experience the deeper beauty of it by enrolling in an introductory diving lesson.

     A very quick 5 hours in the Island is not enough for you to get satisfied, but we need to go back to the mainland before 5PM as we made an appointment to the jeepney driver to pick us up at Philpan Resort at 5PM.

     Upon getting back to the resort, we fixed ourselves and bade goodbye to the caretaker.

     Kuya Arthur the jeepney driver arrived past 5PM and sent us back to Grand Terminal for the same price as yesterday for our bus ride in going back to Manila. We arrived home around 11 in the evening with smiles in our face for a good and relaxing day-off.

Our Itinerary:

Day 1: Gulugod Baboy
3AM - Meet-up at C5
3:30AM – Departure heading Buendia
 4AM – Breakfast at Buendia
5AM – Depart from Jam terminal in Buendia heading Batangas City Grand Terminal
6:30AM – Arrived in Grand Terminal and looked for a jeepney that can send us to Anilao Batangas
9AM – Arrived in Philpan Resort, Anilao, Batangas then settle first our room before going up the mountain.
10AM – Start trek.
12NN – Arrived in summit (Pinagbanderahan)
12:30PM – Descend via Brgy Laurel and started running going back to Philpan via National Road
3:30PM – Arrived in Philpan Resort
4PM – Took our late lunch, had some rest, tidy-up, few bottles of beer and storytelling.
11PM – Lights out.

Day 2: Sombrero Island
7AM – Wake-up call.
8AM – Breakfast and prepare going to the island.
10AM – Departure heading Sombrero Island.
3:30PM – Departure going back to the mainland.
5:30PM – Departure going back to Batangas City Grand Terminal.
Around 7PM – Arrived in Grand Terminal.
Around 9:30PM – Arrived in Pasay terminal.
9:30PM – Dinner in Pasay.
Around 11PM – Homebase Safe!!!

Taxi fare from C5 to Buendia: 200/5 = P40
Breakfast: 523/5 = P104.6
Bus fare from Buendia to Batangas: 735/5 = P147
Jeepney fare from Grand Terminal to Philpan plus Tip: 550/5 = P110
Lunch: 329/5 = P65.8
Merienda: 100/5 = P20
Beer and Appetizers: 870/4 = P217.5
Room: 2200/4 = P550

Day 2 Breakfast: 582/4 = P145.5
Day 2 Lunch: 249/4 = P62.25
Day 2 Groceries and Merienda: 219/4 = P54.75
Boat Ride: 2500/4 = P625
Bus fare going back to Buendia: 628/4 = P157
Taxi fare in going back to C5: 200/4 = P50

Total Expenses for Each Person: P2,349.4

Kuya Arthur (Jeepney driver on Grand Terminal to Anilao route): +63 939 963 0725

That’s all for now, thank you for viewing and until next time!!!

-- End of Report --


  1. Hi! Possible po ba mag sidetrip s sombrero island after ng hike? Planning to go on April. Thank you sa very informative blog! :)

    1. Hi Lovely Joy:
      Thank you for dropping by. To answer you question, yes it's possible to do the Sombrero Island sidetrip after the hike. Kung maaga kayong makakarating sa drop-off, kaya nyong tapusin yung hike ng halfday, then yung other half is sa island nyo na spend.
      Good luck on your upcoming hike and enjoy.

  2. hello po, what time po yung 1st trip ng Jeep from Batangas Grand Terminal going to Philpan Diving Resort(Vice Versa)? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ardi,
      From Batangas Terminal to Philpan, not sure about the exact time but I think may mga jeep na dun as early as 6AM, or maybe earlier. From Anilao back to terminal, ang last trip nila is 5PM. Pero kung marami naman kayo, I advise na pre-arrange nyo nalang kay Kuya Arthur (+63 939 963 0725) for jeep rental para at least personalized sa gusto nyong time, mura lang naman sya sumingil, P100 per head lang.
      Thanks for visiting my page and regards sa inyong pag bisita sa Anilao.

  3. na contact ko po si kuya arthur and sabi nya 1k dw ung rent nya sa jeep, sabi ko 6pax kami. :)

    1. Hi Ardi,
      I think reasonable price narin naman for P167/person. Pero kung mas gusto nyo pang maka mura, pwede kayong pumunta sa Grand Terminal, mag regular commute kayo papuntang Anilao then saka nyo nalang kausapin na i-derecho nalang kayo ng Philpan resort for P100/person. Tapos magpasundo nalang kayo ng 5PM which is yun yong last trip nila.

  4. Ang boat fare po ba is fixed? What if 2 lang po kami? Or pwede ba makipagmerge sa iba?

    1. Hi Mia,
      Yes ang boat fare ay fix. I think kung dalawa lang kayo baka mapakiusapan nyo ng mas mababa ng mga P200 but generally it's a fix rate.

  5. Hi may contact po ba kayo sa boat for papunta Sombrero Island>

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately wala akong number ng boatman, pero yung boat na inarkila namin is sa Philpan Resort din. So kung saan resort man kayo mag stay, I think matutulungan nila kayong kumuha ng boat.

  6. Hi, Yung boat rental po ba is back and forth na? Thank you.

  7. hi ung boat fare 4 person lang talaga?as per otherblog kasi 10 person per boat.thanks

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Yung boat po na nasakyan namin I think can carry 8 to 10 persons. Nilagay ko lang po na 2500/4 dun sa computation kasi 4 lang po kami na nag hati-hati.
      Thanks for dropping-by by the way.

  8. hi ung boat fare 4 person lang talaga?as per otherblog kasi 10 person per boat.thanks

  9. hi may entrance fee ba sa sombrero island?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Sa pagkaka alala ko ay may entrance po. Pero dahil apat lang kami at off-peak, kinausap nalang nung boat man namin na maging free na yung entrance and instead ay binayaran nalang namin yung cottage ng P150.
      Pasensya na po sa medyo cloudy details ha, medyo matagal na kasi hindi ko na masyado ma recall yung ibang detalye.

  10. hi may entrance fee ba sa sombrero island?


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