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Cordillera to Sierra Madre [Day 5]_Motorcycle Riding

Cordillera to Sierra Madre [Day 5]_Motorcycle Riding

Day 3: Aurora to Quezon back to Aurora to Manila
Date: February 21, 2014
Route Taken: Dinggalan, Aurora – Umiray, Gen. Nakar – back to Dinggalan, Aurora – Manila via Nueva Ecija

Woke-up around 7am, prepared our things and took our breakfast at Dinggalan Fish Port.

     After breakfast, had some basic bike maintenance as preparation for today’s more adventurous route. Packed our things, gas-up at Poblacion area and start rolling around 9AM.
    Just about 1km from the Dinggalan Poblacion, we already had a good view of Dinggalan Bay which tempted us to pull-over.

     Then continue riding in off-road for 1hour up to Umiray Bridge. This bridge is the boundary of the two provinces. Dinggalan, Aurora and Umiray, Gen. Nakar, Quezon. I understand that this bridge was constructed with the help from Japan as a token of Japan-Philippine friendship. At this time, it is only serving the people of Umiray but road construction is on-going to complete the National Road from Gen. Nakar proper going to Umiray. However, since road construction is not completed yet, people from Umiray who intend to go to Infanta will take the sea by boat as an option or via Bulacan – Manila during stormy season.

     After the bridge, you will pass by the barangay proper of Umiray. After that, a complete adventurous terrain will follow.

     After 5 kilometers of going up and down in the mountain and rivers, we’ve reached the local irrigation dam that we called it Umiray Dam. This is the end of the road for us for today. No established trail road yet going to Gen. Nakar proper. Per locals, there are still 3 obstacles ahead of us before we reach the road where construction is already on-going. These are 2 river crossings with boulders of rocks and waterfalls. So we then decided to stay here, ate our lunch pack and back track to Umiray proper.

     At the barangay proper, we tried to arrange for a boat that can send us to the other side of the mountain but unfortunately, it is very unsafe today to travel by boat due to strong winds and high waves.

     So, we just decided to go back to Manila via the long way which is by Nueva Ecija - Bulacan route. My Dad Allen, decided to stay 1 more day as he still want to explore Dinggalan more. Since I need to go back to work the following day, I opt to travel back alone.
   Few more pics along the route then continued riding when it started to get dark.

Last picture is inside Fort Magsaysay:

     Arrived home safe around 11PM. A tiring 5 day adventure tour but very mind refreshing and relaxing.

    :: END OF TOUR ::

Overal Travel Summary:
Total Distance Traveled: P1,337 kms
Total time spent on the road: 58.5 hours
Gas Consumption: 52.61 liters (25.42kms/liter)
Total Expenses: P6,217.05
Total Experience: PRICELESS!!!

    Until here, thank you for viewing and until next time…..

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