Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tagaytay_Family Trip

Date: November 23, 2013
Place: Tagaytay City, Cavite
Activity: Family Trip

This trip was planned by my sister Angela about a month ago. And not only arranged the trip but also she shouldered most and almost all the expenses. Its a big thanks to my sister.

She had two choices of destination. Either going to Enchanted Kindom or Tagaytay, and I suggested to better go to Tagaytay, at least there are more places in Tagaytay where we can enjoy the view and more space for the kids to play.

My sister and Dad coordinated the rented jeep for P3500 including gas and toll fees (a bit cheaper than others). Early in the morning, around 6:30am when the jeep pick us up at home then headed up to Tagaytay via South Super Highway.

Places Visited and Activities:

Poeple Park in the Sky:
This is located in the highest point of Tagaytay. This was originally called as Palace in the Sky when President Marcos prepared this as a palace for the visit of American President Ronald Reagan but unfortunately was not completed until it became a park and called People's Park in the Sky.

PAGASA Doppler Radar Station

Picnic Grove:
Lunch time when we headed to Picnic Grove where we had our lunch with our provisioned foods taken on the trip. In Picnic Grove, you need to pay P150 rental for the table located everywhere but we chose to eat inside the jeep to save  the peso. After meal and some rest, then we start strolling in the area.

Also tried the Horseback Riding with the kids:

Sky Ranch:
Next stop is the Sky Ranch where the Tallest Ferries Wheel in the Philippines is seated. The day will not be completed without trying this said tallest in the country.

More walks and picture takings in the area.

Mahogany Market:
Around 5PM, we went to Mahogany market for coffee and bought some pasalubong (something that is brought from the trip) before ending the day.
Also Mahogany Market is known as the main beef dealer in the region. You can also buy fish that are locally grown from Taal Lake and flowers that are mainly growing in cold places like Tagaytay.

Around 9PM when we arrived home due to heavy traffic encountered on the road. A great experience especially for the kids and a great week-end to spend with the family.

Until next time and thank you for viewing.......

Monday, December 2, 2013

Filinvest, Alabang_Verizon Fun Run

Date: November 16, Saturday
Place: Northgate, Filinvest, Alabang
Activity: Verizon Fun Run

This was supposed to be my activity last November 9 as per previous post. Since run was rescheduled with a bit short time to properly arrange my work schedule, it ended me up going to work Friday swing shift with only 3 hours sleep before the run.

Call time was 5:30am, moral is high and excited even with only 3hours sleep. Went to the organizers table to get my free running kit. I got this free because the first 100 registrants will get a free running kit while those beyond 100 will need to pay Php200 for their singlet. Still a good deal, in case I finish it last, I still got a free kit.

Proceed to change our running pace attire, had our stretching and warming-up routine and after few more minutes, before the sun totally risen up, 10k runners were released.

After 1 hour and 18minutes, it ended me up 3rd even with my worst 10k time, but I can feel that this is my best 10k pace. And somebody told me that by using his GPS and google map computation, he found that the route is actually 12k in distance. Still a good run for me to get my first podium in running.
picture courtesy of Julian Uy

picture courtesy of Julian Uy

After the awarding the group agreed in reloading before going home.

Hoping to continue the discipline in food and in training so I can continue improving my time on my next run.....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tanay Rizal_Motorcycle Ride

Date: November 9, 2013
Place: Tanay, Rizal
Activity: Motorcycle Riding

I am actually scheduled to run in Verizon Fun Run for November 9 but this was cancelled due to Super Typhoon Haiyan (locally named as Yolanda).
Due to cancellation and since I considered this a free day for me, I opted to divert the plan and decided to go to nearby town, Tanay Rizal and visit some places where I haven't been yet.

Places Visited:
Tanay Lighthouse or locally known as "Parola":

After some pictures at the lighthouse and break water area, dropped by at a "Lomihan" (filipino-chinese noodles) near the highway for my late lunch.

Then after lunch, next stop is:

Regina Rosarii located in Baraggay Sampaloc:

I took the chance to for some meditation and prayers. To thank him that Manila was spared from a huge calamity and at the same time asked for strength and hope for the people that was affected by the Super Typhoon.

After prayers, pictures and walking on a very huge sacred space, time to go back to Manila via the what they call "Marilaque" road.

Where to Stay:
On my way back, I spotted this hotel, the "Sampaloc Inn" which is approximately 2 kilometers far from Regina Rosarii. This can be a good place to stay when planning for overnight or more than a day stay in Tanay area.

Then have a coffee break along Marilaque road in "Frank's Bulaluhan" in front of Pranjetto Hills. Noticeable today that no single motorcycle rider was observed on this area, unlike during normal days which is packed with week-end motorcycle riders.

Took the Marilaque Highway down to C-5 until arrived home safe.
A very quick but a refreshing ride....

Monday, November 4, 2013

Suva's Resort_XLB Anniversay

Date: October 26, 2013
Place: Suva's Resort, Antipolo City
Activity: XLB Anniversary Celebration

XLB stands for "XL-Length-Beat". This is a group we formed with my high school friends. Even we have graduated high school long years ago, we assured that we spare at least once a year to see each other and have some chats what's the latest happening on each others lives.

We are all 15 in the group, unfortunately, only 5 were available to come due to some personal reasons. We made it 10 actually including kids and partners. Here are some pics of the event:

"The Gang"

I called this guy "Kuya Jose". He loves and good in playing basketball. Yearly, I am asking him to give to me his previous basketball uniform as a remembrance of our yearly gathering. This time, I also have my own basketball uniform and exchanged it to him. 

There are lot of foods brought by everyone, and this is my favorite, grilled fish.

And the drinks of course.

Here are the swimming pools and some facilities of this resort.

Past 6am, when we prepare in going back home. Actually, overnight stay is until 5am only but the resort crew are to good to let us stay until 6am.
One of the transportation means used by the commuter groups, "tricycle":

A few kilometers after, there is an untoward incident happened on the tricycle riding group but lucky that nobody got critical, though our friend Jack and her niece are still under observation up to this writing.

Just got unfortunate that an incident happen, but the overall experience is still great and the team are still optimistic to see each other on a regular yearly gathering.
Until next peeps, see yah!!!!......

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aseana City_Insurunce Run

October 13, 2013

Been to running for quite some time but on and off that's why it took me a while to improve to reach the dream full-marathon run. Currently training to improve myself to get back to half-marathon and soon to do a full-marathon run. Part of the training is to join an official run at least once a month and slowly upgrading.
I am now on my 10km training run and joined this Insurunce Run held in Aseana City, Paranaque. Woke-up around 3am, prepare, then arrive at the area around 4:30am. Gun start is 5:30am so I immediately leave my things to the baggage counter and start warming-up. Run started exactly 5:30am and I finished it after 57mins and 57secs ranking #38 out of 402 finishers on the official result.

An here are some of the pictures on the event.

Me after the run.

Lucky to have a good run and I got this medal as an award for the first 100 finishers.

And the mode of transportation used for this travel is again my 200cc Motorstar bike

I had a great run today for having a sub-1hour 10k run. Training myself harder aiming to join my dream full-marathon run at least next year 2014.