Thursday, May 21, 2015

Run United 2015 Leg 1: Running

Date: March 8, 2015
Activity: Run United 2015 Leg 1 | Running
Location: Mall of Asia, Pasay City

     Last 2014, that was my first time to join a Run Rio running event and I was very satisfied how the event was organized and how was the runners taken care by an organizer who is also a runner itself. I’ve told to myself that Rio is a good running event organizer because he personally knows what do runner needs. Not to mention his personal attachment to the sport like inspecting the entire route before the gunstart, monitoring the course during the actual event and even staying under the heat off the sun to welcome the finishers. It was very pleasing experience to have Rio personally give your finisher’s medal after a very exhausting run.

     Because of that great experience from the previous year, I again decided to complete this Run United Trilogy this 2015. Another good thing for this trilogy is you have given an option to gradually increase your running distance until you become a certified marathoner. So as a start, let’s begin it with 21km distance.

Picture before the run:

     Did some stretching works and warm-ups with the team, then we went to the starting line to wait for the official gun start.
     I do not usually bring camera on the actual run so the next pictures are after the run proper.

Pictures after the run with FNF Team members Abby and Rey:

Verizon Runners:

Recovery Booth courtesy of sponsors:

     I noticed that there is something new that they introduced on this year’s RU trilogy, the Pacers. These pacers are having different time posted on their back which correlates to their intended finish time. So the runner will just follow the certain pacers wearing the Bib of his intended finish time, and it really worked well for me as I was able to beat my previous RU1 record from 2:12 to 2:08.

     The 10K Top Finishers being awarded by PBA Legends with Anthony Suntay as the MC.

     FNF Team member Abby having selfie picture with the PBA Legends:

     21K Finishers:

     FNF Team completed the first leg of RU trilogy.

     Finisher’s Kit:

    That’s all for now guys. Thank you for viewing and see you on the second leg this coming June 7, 2015. Train harder and a strong finish for the 32km route. See yah!!!...

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